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Provision of equipment

EFF Training provides drilling equipment installed in its facilities, such as its training well and its laboratory dedicated to the study of drilling fluids. This service is offered to companies wishing to carry out drilling-related tests in research, development and innovation. EFF Training's teams can assist the customer and facilitate discussions.

A titre d’exemple, citons les tests d’outils spécialisés par la société SLB.



SLB designs tools to improve the performance of the deep drilling industry, whether for oil & gas or geothermal energy.

The prototypes designed by the company have to be tested in real-life conditions. However, it is difficult to do this on active wells without affecting their operation and economic performance. SLB is looking for a site close to its headquarters in the Paris region.


A training well is available on the EFF Training site in Lescar, France. As well as serving as a practice area for trainees at the training centre, this well can be made available to companies. It has the advantage of being available without any economic prejudice due to operating interruptions, and of being located in France. It is also the only operational training well in France. It is over 900 metres deep.

EFF Training therefore proposed that SLB hire its facilities for a week and provide a team of drillers to assist the engineers and technicians who took it in turns to install the prototype at the bottom of the well. SLB staff were given the space they needed to assemble the tool. The tool was then lowered and the engineers carried out their measurement work.

SLB was able to carry out the various tests required to validate its prototype with complete ease, security and confidentiality, in a real environment.

EFF Training regularly provides SLB and other drilling companies with equipment, facilities and teams for a period of time that suits their needs.

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