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EFF Training provides its customers with coaching programmes for their drilling personnel. One of EFF Training's essential missions is to supervise teams in the field in terms of technical skills and safety. EFF Training offers its clients the benefit of its drilling experience and the advice of its trainers in the form of daily supervision in the field. For example, integration programmes for new recruits are entrusted to specialised and experienced instructors.

Here is an example of the "green helmets" coaching provided by SMP Energies.

SMP & EFF Training


To cope with the age pyramid, it is necessary to recruit at this drilling company, whose worksite is located in the Paris region.

The oil drilling sector is experiencing difficulties in recruiting skilled people trained in deep drilling techniques.

The new recruits, known as "green helmets", are neophytes, young workers who, despite theoretical training, know little about the rules and risks related to deep drilling. In order to prevent accident-prone behaviour, SMP Energie asked EFF Training to work with the "green helmets" for a period of 5 weeks, to supervise them, provide daily monitoring and raise their awareness of good practice.


EFF Training sent Marc, a deep drilling expert, site manager and trainer, to the site to carry out this coaching. He observed the professional actions of the "Green Helmets". Are they using the right tools? Are they following the right procedures? He gauged their motivation and team spirit.

One of its objectives is to bring them together in small groups for theoretical safety training sessions. This is going to be made difficult by the unavailability of the teams due to the dismantling, transport and reassembly of the equipment. Staff are 100% occupied at this time.

Marc will have to be ingenious to accomplish his mission. Throughout his coaching period, he integrates himself into the teams' timetable, providing his observations, advice, help and support. He reminds them of safety procedures. He submits his ideas for improving the site to the managers. He takes care not to hinder the progress of the teams' work. He will deliver the theoretical training modules on an ongoing basis, adapting to each individual as soon as the schedule allows, with the agreement of the site managers and drillers. He then insists on the non-negotiable safety rules that are repeated over and over again.

These induction sessions for new recruits help teams to grow and identify promising profiles who respect instructions and deserve to progress.

Marc is always ready to take part in these support sessions for EFF Training's corporate clients. He's ready to share his skills with a leitmotiv: safety.

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