Surface geothermal drilling assistant

This course is offered in collaboration with Greta-CFA Midi-Pyrénées Ouest and BRGM (Bureau de recherches géologiques et minières). Elle débouche sur un CDD/CDI et est prise en charge par l’employeur.

Surface geothermal drilling assistant


  • Jobseekers
  • Temporary workers in the industrial and construction sectors
  • Drilling company employees
  • Adults returning to employment


  • Admission after interview. Mastery of basic French and mathematical skills.
  • A good understanding of the constraints associated with the job (working outdoors, in a team, travelling, flexible working hours, etc.).
  • No medical contraindication to outdoor work, prolonged standing or handling tools
  • B driving licence


  • Prepare the site, equipment and materials
  • Participate in the implementation of probe drilling and groundwater drilling for geothermal systems
  • Know the regulatory obligations relating to safety at work and environmental standards
  • Manage site contingencies
  • Assist drillers with regular maintenance of drilling equipment and carrying out minor repairs

pedagogical means

  • Led by an experienced trainer
  • Slides
  • Application exercises
  • Practical exercises on a drilling machine
  • Immersion placements in companies


locate geothermal energy and characterising the subsoil for a geothermal drilling operation

  • Identify the context of surface geothermal energy and its principles
  • Understand the geological, hydrogeological and geotechnical aspects associated with drilling activities

Create a borehole

  • Discover the two main drilling techniques
  • Organise and implement water drilling for geothermal use
  • Organise and ensure the operational management of vertical geothermal probes

ensure worksite safety and preserve the environment

  • Know the regulatory obligations relating to safety at work and environmental standards
  • Apply preventive maintenance rules


  • Assessment of knowledge acquisition for each module
Annonce recrutement formation aide-foreur en géothermie de surface

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If you wish to verify the accessibility of this training to a person with a disability, contact our referent at the following address: melanie.duarte@efftraining.com